Student of the Week

Congratulations to our CHS #StudentoftheWeek recipients! Help us celebrate Zoe, Aiden, and Brent. ❤️ 

Zoe Kearney - Nominated by Mr. Nelson
“Zoe is currently taking 3 math classes including 2 classes for college credit. In class she constantly is asking questions, making connections between her classes, and is often seen helping her classmates. Keep up the good work, Zoe!”

Aiden Caudullo - Nominated by Ms. Russell
“Aiden is very motivated and participates everyday in class. He always comes to class with a positive attitude and is ready to work hard. He is a great student to have in class!”

Brent Dragony - Nominated by Mr. Milani
“Brent is a hard worker. He asks questions and uses class time to get his homework done. Keep it up, Brent.”