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Welcome to the Chisholm Public Schools where we have been "Committed to High Expectations" for over 100 years. Those "Expectations" have successfully provided our graduates with the skills necessary to meet the challenges of our fast-paced world.

We are a middle-sized district located in the "Heart of the Iron Range". At Chisholm we strive to meet the needs of all learners. At the elementary grades we keep our classes small so our students can receive the instruction they need. At our high school Chisholm offers advanced classes for our college bound students, while providing a solid foundation for those planning to enter the work force upon graduation. Students are taught by highly qualified teachers in a safe and nurturing environment. Our newly remodeled classrooms have recently been updated with new energy-saving lighting and air-quality ventilation. Many of the classrooms are equipped with the latest in technology as a means of engaging today's learners.

But, Chisholm is more than just academics. We offer a wide variety of cultural, social, theatrical, musical and athletic opportunities for the students' enjoyment-either as a participant or as a spectator. Chisholm is the home of the Bluestreaks and Bluestreak Pride. Our graduates have a long tradition of success in all walks of life that has extended to all four corners of this country and beyond. It is a tradition we strive to maintain.

The Chisholm Public Schools may be just the right fit for your child. I welcome the opportunity to discuss what we have to offer in greater length. I can be reached at 218-254-5726 ext. 2900.

Thank you for visiting Chisholm Public Schools and I look forward hearing from you.

Dr. Janey Blanchard,