What’s New?

New Superintendent:  Thank you to everyone who participated in the selection process.  Your input was valued and greatly appreciated.  The board did select Janey Blanchard and is currently in negotiations. An announcement will be forth coming. 

Welcome Ms. Jennifer Crotteau, our new school counselor.  We excited to have Jennifer join our school team.  Jennifer will be replacing Mrs. Pat Casey who is retiring on Dec. 31st.  Jennifer comes with many years of experience working with students of all ages.  Jennifer can be reached at 254-5726 ext. 3904.  

Fitness Center Special:  The Chisholm Fitness Center is offering 10% off of any NEW membership beginning December 1. 2016.  To find out more information call 254-1431 or stop by the Center.  The Center is located in the SW corner of the Sr. High and the entrance is from the 5th SW. 

Welcome Taylor Draper Ph.D.
The Chisholm Public School would like to welcome Taylor Draper Ph.D.  Dr. Draper is an Outpatient Therapist with Range Mental Health who will be working with our students on a limited basis.  Teachers and parents can refer students to him.  He will be serving students in all three buildings.  If you would like to find our more about the services he can provide he will be in the district on Tuesday.  Please call your child's building secretary for more information.

On Line Payments:  You can now make payments on line for the following items: Breakfast and Lunch accounts, Athletic/Activity fees, Industrial Art fees, Library fees, Science and Art fees    
If you have a child who attends the Chisholm schools your family has been assigned a lunch account number through Wordware no matter if you eat our meals or bring your own lunch.  To pay for breakfast/lunch, Industrial Art, Library and Science fees you will need that Wordware account. Here are steps to begin your on-line payments using your Wordware Account. 

Industrial Arts, Library, Science and Art Fees:

  1. If you know your lunch account number go to step 3. 
  2. If you don't know your WordWare account number call Cindy in the kitchen at 254-5726 ext 2907 and she will give you access to your account. 
  3. Go to www.chisholm.k12.mn.us and scroll down the left side until you come to the Bluestreak E-Store-just for Library, Science, Art fees       
  4. Click on the fee/s you wish to pay and follow the directions.  It's just that simple.
For Breakfast/Lunch Accounts:
  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 from above
  2. Go to www.chisholm.k12.mn.us and scroll down the left side until you come to Breakfast/Lunch Wordware E-Store.
  3. Follow directions. 
For the Fitness Center Membership:
                                                           FIRST TIME USERS
1. Click on Public Resources
      2. Click on
 Bluestreak E-Store (You do not need a Wordware account)
      3. Click on Chisholm Fitness Center
      4. Review your options for membership and

                                                                  FREQUENT USERS
1.  Locate Quick Links-left side
       2.  Follow steps 2-4 under First Time Users.

For Activities and Athletic Fees:
  1. Go to www.chisholm.k12.mn.us
  2. Select Athletics/Activities from the top tool bar
  3. Click on Athletics/Activities Home
  4. Select either Athletics or Activities and
  5. Just follow the prompts.