Who is this Mrs. Esler?  Here's a minor snapshot of a new face who enjoys being a Blue Streak already.  I'm from the east side of the range where I have 2 dogs, a daughter, and a husband (who all put up with my shenanigans.) I have a Bachelors of Science degree from Bemidji State University and a Masters of Education from Southwest State University. I have been teaching elementary students for the last 20 years, loving every minute of it. Last year, I moved districts and was able to have an extraordinary year shaping young minds in a new district. However, budget cuts and low enrollment caused me to be laid off from this position. As an opening for a special education teacher was posted at Chisholm something kept telling me I needed to apply, as you can see I did. Chisholm saw the energy, compassion, the love I had for students, and a little knowledge too.  Chisholm brought me on to be a part of the team. 

In my experiences I have been touched deeply by so many students through the years, but the best students always seem to be the ones with an IEP. They always seem to pull my heart strings along with my hair at times. I love when students see the world in their own unique way and let me be a part of their growth in it. I view every child as a flower seed growing at its own pace and taking on its own form. Flowers are not all the same and that makes them so wonderfully beautiful. Tending to the flower garden of learners at Chisholm High School is my new role and I’m ready to get my hands dirty.

    Together Everyone Achieves More. TEAM As part of the team in education please feel free to call or email me with any questions and concerns. Let’s make this a super year! desler@chisholm.k12.mn.us or 254-5726 ext. 3307.