Classes I will be teaching the 4th-6th grade students at Chisholm Elementary

This year in Reading we will use the LLI Series for supplementary reading and checking for comprehension. We will also read a lot of books as a class from our library collection reading series.
I spend a lot of time making sure that my students are always reading. Therefore, we also do a lot of A/R Reading. We track their progress in AR on a month to month basis.
Math will be taught based on the level of the students in my room and the MN State Standards.
Spelling will be taught using the Words Their Way Sorting Program. I will supplement the WTW Program with weekly assignments through Spelling City. Spelling City is an app available for free from the app store on phones and devices. I recommend you download this app for our students to use at home and to study for our weekly Spelling Tests.
Language will be taught based on the level of knowledge and MN State Standards.