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District/Agency/School (legal name):  ISD #695 CHISHOLM PUBLIC

District Number: 0695

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2016-2018 Technology Plan Date of Creation:  JULY 8, 2014

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2016-18 Technology Plan Template

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Technology Needs Assessment. Describe the processes(s) used to determine the technology needs for the LEA for 2016-2018 and briefly summarize the needs that have been determined. Make sure to include any technology needs that will be supported through E-rate discounts, such as telephone, telecommunications access, Internet, and other E-rate eligible services:

  • Our district/computer/administrative team meets regularly to review the technology needs in our district and classrooms and access areas of strengths and weaknesses in the use of technology within the district. .  Faculty and students are informally surveyed as to how their needs are being met. We also contract with an outside firm (CW Technology), which manages our servers and meets with us quarterly to make recommendations.
  • Chisholm Schools recently upgraded our wired network, installed a wireless network, purchased new switches, replaced the computers in the High school lab, purchased iPad carts for each building, purchased iPads for each teacher and had Apple in-service us on the iPad.  Our biggest need at this time to maximize our use of the new infrastructure, hardware, and applications to enhance student learning and engagement.

Goals and Strategies. List the specific goals and strategies for 2016-2015 that address how your LEA will use technology to deliver education and assist with school administration:


·      Enhance student achievement through technology integration into the curriculum

·      Increase staff productivity and effectiveness through technology

·      Improve communication through technology

·      Move towards a 1:1 initiative (Students to mobile devices)

·      Enhance educational opportunities by offering new courses through Telepresence.




·      Increase staff/student/community access and awareness through continued development of our web page

·      Increase parental awareness and involvement in student academic success through Power School.

·      Expand access to interactive learning tools for students with the continued purchasing of iPads at the elementary level and a laptop cart at the High School.

·      Increase use of the iPad carts in each building to enhance curriculum.

·      Implement Telepresence classes at the High School to increase the availability of course offerings.

·      All classrooms will have projection capabilities.

·      Increase MCA scores through technology by:  implementing iXL, and continued use of Renaissance Reading/Accelerated Reader in grades K-6 and Compass Learning 7-12, use of online Skills Tutor, and use of the online resources accompanying our basal reading series.

·      Select a Learning Management System such as Schoology or Canvas to enable implementation of the 1:1 initiative.

·      Upgrade the media center operating system from Sagebrush to Destiny Library Management Systems.

·      Provide professional development and training opportunities for staff as new technology is introduced into the classroom.

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Professional Development Plan. Describe the professional development strategies you have in place for 2016-2018 to ensure LEA staff are prepared to use the technology infrastructure, software programs, and online resources provided:

·      Through the Northeast Service Cooperative, our district is able to engage in staff development opportunities related to technological advancements.  This service will enable us to move forward with the new MCA testing vendor.

·      Our association with the Arrowhead Regional Computing Consortium also allows us to keep current with changing technologies. 

·      We will hold local in-service workshops to assist faculty to develop their individual web pages on our school site, MCA III and NWEA testing procedures, iPad integration, and other technologies as the need arises.

·      As technology is purchased, vendors will supply in-service to faculty and administration as needed.  

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Evaluation. Explain the evaluation process for your technology plan for 2016-2018, including timeline, roles and responsibilities, and information gathered to assess how the technology plan goals and strategies are being met:

The Chisholm School District administration and building technology coordinators will continue to meet quarterly with CW Technology to ensure that the network equipment and software are being updated and maintained for optimal productivity.

Staff will be surveyed each fall to benchmark our growth and to guide the district in its use of current technology and the implantation of new technology.  Staff and students will continue to be informally surveyed to see if their needs are being met.  This plan may be revised as necessary

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Optional Links. Provide links to district strategic planning documents, survey instruments, policies, or other resources that were used to provide data and help prepare the technology plan:

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Link to Current Technology Plan. Provide the link on the LEA website where the technology plan will be posted and updated throughout the planning period   Navigate to District Offices>Superintendent’s Office>Policies

Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

This LEA has an Internet Safety/Acceptable Use Policy in place.

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If yes, please provide a link to access the policy at the LEA website:   Navigate to District Offices>Superintendent’s Office>Policies

This school district deploys an Internet filter to protect minors from material that is pornographic or otherwise harmful to them.

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