In 7th grade, students have a total of 5 units organizing 30 lessons. 8th grade has 3 units with 20 lessons. These lessons are created from previous years of standards in order to teach them a concept they might have missed and is essential to learn now. My lessons include concrete solving (using manipulatives like base ten blocks, fraction bars and more), representing (visualizing the problem with pictures drawn on a whiteboard), abstract solving, assessing proficiency in abstract abilities, as well as word problem solving. Through each step of the lesson I follow a guideline called "I do, we do, you do," meaning that students first see me do a problem while I verbalize the thought process, then they join in while I'm doing a problem, and end with them being able to do a problem by themselves. Students growth and improvement will be recorded via a standardized test referred to as the STAR Math test, which is a computerized assessment with 34 questions that adapts to the ability of the student taking it (if a student gets a problem wrong or right, the test adjusts itself and figures out the level at which the student is performing). This test will be used initially to help me pair students together fairly, and then they will take it 4 more times this school year. If a student scores above the mark three consecutive times, they can exit the program. Students can exit that way or by completing all of the lessons in their grade level, but they don't fail the program if they can't do either of these things. Lessons are paced by the students in each group, meaning that we don't move on until each concept is mastered.

If you have any questions about Math Corps lessons, please reach out to me via the info on my contact page. Also, feel free to schedule time to come speak to me if you need to. I'll also be here during conferences.