Minnesota Math Corps

Hello! My name is Dora Inman and I am the new Minnesota Math Corps tutor. I work with students in 7th and 8th grade. I work with students in groups of two for three to four class periods a week, meaning they will be in my room for around 90 minutes a week.  I will also be available before and after school based on student need.
I am not an employee of Chisholm High School. Minnesota Math Corps provides me with a set curriculum per grade ot help build a stronger foundation in basic mathematical concepts. My program is not allowed to interfere with any English or math classes, nor will I pull students from classes where they are already struggling. It is my hope to help our students gain a better understanding of core concepts in math, pass their standardized tests, and succeed at Chisholm High School.
Know someone who might be interested in helping children succeed in reading or math? Help me spread the word! Minnesota Reading Corps and Minnesota Math Corps are placing full-time and part-time tutors in schools throughout Minnesota for the 2016-17 school year.  Apply today!

Contact: Dora Inman