New Curriculums
Being a Writer (Language):  This program is a yearlong writing curriculum that is the first program of its kind to bring together the latest research in teaching writing, with support for students' social and ethical development.  In a caring classroom community, students will learn the important elements of writing at their level with a guided instruction approach.  You will notice a difference in your child about his/her excitement for writing!

Making Meaning (Reading):  Research documents that many teachers have always known:  The fact that a child can read a page aloud does not mean that he or she can understand it.  In this curriculum, reading comprehension strategies are taught directly through read-aloud experiences, and the students learn to use these strategies to make sense of their own reading, through guided and independent strategy practice.  Students will participate in IDR (Individualized Daily Reading), for up to 30 minutes a day, reading texts at their appropriate level.
4th Grade