Erik Kuusinen
Home Maintenance
Home Maintenance & Construction; this course covers the study of the nomenclature and proper use of hand, portable and stationary power tools. Each student will perform exercises to bring them to a level of competency acceptable to the trade. In cooperation with Mesabi Range Community College Carpentry Program, students that take this course will receive 2 college credits for Carpentry. (Semester course CARP 1225). Students will register for MRCTC in the spring.
Power Mechanics
This is a career exploration class where students will learn mechanical skills that can be used by anybody. The use of machines ranging from lawn mowers and snow blowers to performance bikes is a part of daily life. We will go through the process of rebuilding 2 & 4 stroke air cooled engines. We will include ignition, carburetor tuning and adjusting. The lab work will be done on school engines and/or engines brought in by students. Students should plan on bringing projects of their own such as: lawn mowers, snow blowers, motorized bikes, go-carts, outboard engines, etc. Protective clothing and OSHA approved safety glasses are required.