Transitions I and II

2014 class (Summer and Sis) making oreo turkies for Thanks Giving.

2014 class's breathtaking turkies

2014 class (Greg) Keeping it cool while others do the dirty work.

2014 class (Hastey) Amazed at how good the food smells.

2014 class (Hastey) Pink rice crispy treats?!

2014 class (Jaston) Working hard.

2014 class (Lucas) The cooking master.

2014 class's yummy cookies.

2014 class having a great time playing poker.

2014 class (Summer) Music time!

2014 class (Sis) How heavy?

2014 class (Hastey, Summer, and Greg) Mining is hard work.

2014 class. Everyone with their mentors.

2015 class (Top: Anthony, Mrs. Shanks, and Dominick. Bottom: Zeni and Amanda.) Peeling some apples for apple pie.