The Big Plan for the Week
What follows is a plan, only a plan. By Tuesday it will probably be out of date! Still, it gives you an idea what I have in mind. Pay special attention to any suggestion of a test or a quiz!

Lesson plans for the week. These are works in progress. It's a 'living document;' by the end of any week anything could happen?

Kolodji: 10/10 – 10/14 lesson plan
Environmental Studies—edible and medicinal plants
Monday: edible ID review
Tuesday: edible reports
Wednesday: edible reports
         Edible quiz
Thursday: big quiz      
Friday: Edible test
Physical Science: Properties of Matter
Monday: review of properties
         Hydrogen gas demo
Tuesday: big review quiz
Wednesday: Ch 2 test: properties of matter
Thursday: intro states of matter
         Kenetic theory
Friday: hot air demo
General Biology: biochemistry 
Monday: proteins and nucleic acids
Tuesday: big review quiz
Wednesday: biochem Test
Thursday: intro cytology—cell theory
         A short history of cells
Friday: cell types and size