We would like to welcome Mrs. Showalter to our class.  Mrs. Showalter will be student teaching in our class until Christmas break in December.  She is married and has two children and was born and raised in Chisholm.  She has worked in the Chisholm district as a paraprofessional the past 6 years and has a passion for teaching and helping students succeed.  She is excited to be in 3rd grade with us.

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Our class welcomes our new student teacher, Ms. Pullar!
Ms. Pullar is a great addition to our classroom. She will be with us for 10 weeks and we look forward to all she will share with us. Ms. Pullar is originally from Cook. During her free time she loves spending time with friends and family and enjoys spending time at the lake and living life to the fullest. She loves working with children and it is her dream to become a teacher. She is a very dedicated and motivated person, and conducts herself with professionalism and caring behavior at all times. Welcome Ms. Pullar!