More than just a History Buff!

Currently I am in my 11th year teaching at the Chisholm HS. I grew up on the Iron Range. I attended Greenway High School back in the 90s and attended the College of St. Scholastica into the 2000s.
Originally I wanted to be a Math teacher, but switched my area of studies to History. I'm happy to report that I made the right decision!
I love sports. I played Football, Hockey, & Baseball while in High School and continued my baseball career into college. I was recently inducted into the St.Scholastica Athletics Hall of Fame in the fall of 2013.
I love technology and using computers. Its a hobby that I enjoyed learning and having fun with since college. These skills have helped me gain additional employment enhancing my responsibilities at Chisholm HS. Always remember, your hobbies and interests can help guide you towards your goals and dreams.