Miscellaneous Notes About Our Classroom

• DOT (Daily Organization Tool) Folder - Please help your child get in the habit of checking and emptying his/her DOT Folder at home each day. This is an important organization tool for your child.
• Praise for perfect papers/tests and excellent behavior- Students will receive “Class Dojo” points for perfect paper/tests and excellent behavior. They will be able to “buy” coupons with their total Dojo points.
• Please make sure your child is showering/bathing often. Besides being a good hygiene practice, we want to keep our room as sweet smelling as possible!
• Dress Code: No flip flops, backless shoes, skate shoes, backless dresses/shirts, or spaghetti straps please!
• Doctor’s appointments – Please try to schedule these after school or at the end of the day if possible. It is very important that your child doesn’t miss any days of school! They miss out on so much.
• If your child is absent – Any make-up work will be sent home on the day your child returns unless you let me know in advance that you’d like to pick it up yourself or send it home with a sibling or your child’s friend. Your child will have two days for every day missed to make up assignments.
• Vacations - Because of our hands-on curriculum and classroom discussions, all work can really not be made up efficiently. If at all possible, it is best to plan vacations when we are out of school.

Please do not plan vacations during NWEA testing! These tests should be taken very seriously. They reflect all that your child has learned and affect the district.