Basic Curriculum

* Daily 5-Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work, Work on Writing
* Reader’s Workshop (mini-lesson, silent reading, conferencing)
* Small literature groups
* Independent Reading Projects
* Teacher read-alouds

* Writer’s Workshop (mini lesson, writing, conferencing)
* Genres: Narratives (story writing), Expository (paragraphing),
Summaries, Response to Literature, Persuasive, Poetry, Literature Notebooks

We use the Words Their Way program for spelling words and instruction.  Students are given an assessment and are grouped by their ability.  Students will be introduced to their new words on Mondays (or first day of the week) and will be tested on Fridays (or last day of the week).  Students receive spelling word cards during the introduction with one copy to be kept at school and one copy to be kept at home.  

*Whole-class Instruction, workstations: number concepts, addition/subtraction, place value, geometry, and measurement.
*Math workbook, handouts and games
* All basic facts must be memorized for success

Science and Social Studies
* Weekly Readers/Science Spin
* Projects and Quizzes
* Interactive notebook

Morning Meetings
*We meet every day and follow the same basic routine.  This builds our class community and provides time to practice social skills.