All About Mrs. Rossini

Professional Background:
* Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education with specialty in Communication Arts and Literature.

Teaching Experience:
* This is my 9th year teaching elementary and 8th year in Chisholm.
* I’ve taught second, kindergarten, and Title 1 for 4th-6th grades.

Personal Experience:
* Mother of two children, Gianna (12) and Rocco (8).
* Husband is also an elementary teacher.
* 1 Dog- Buzz (5) Chihuahua/Mini Pinscher Mix

Spare Time:
* Playing with my children, spending time with my family
* Watching movies, reading, crafting

Favorite Things:
*Good attitudes and manners, positive people, sense of humor, organization.

Pet Peeves:
*Unkindness, lack of effort, sloppiness, talking while I’m talking, messy room and desks, bad attitudes, littering.