You Are Invited. . .
• Grade 3 MCAIII March MATH Madness
• Date To Be Determined for 2014-2015 school year
• 6:00-7:00pm
*6:00-6:15 Classroom Teachers and Special guests
*6:15-7:00 Family Fun *End of the evening door prizes!
• Computer Lab & Gym
All students in Grade 3 have a night to share and extend their learning with their families. This night is devoted to practice and preparation for the MATH Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAIII) scheduled in April. In the Gym we will have various Family Fun activities. We will also provide an opportunity to view the online version of the MCAIII Practice Test in the computer lab.

March MATH Madness
The month of March is here, and we are dedicating it to MATH! Part of your child’s weekly homework during the month of March is to spend 40- 60 minutes a week on a variety of math related activities. We ask that you track the minutes spent on one or more of the activities completed on the calendar. The weekly time should be spent on a variety of activities, rather than just one isolated task. Variety is essential! We are reinforcing each Strand of the core math curriculum. Please keep the MATH calendar and any activities that you complete in the take home folder, as it will be checked each week.
Optional activities include:
Flashcards (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)—Start at the level where your mathematician is comfortable and then progress. If you need flashcards, let us know. They are also available at local dollar stores.
Top It—Shuffle the cards and place the deck number-side down on the table. Each player turns over 2 cards and calls out the sum (addition), difference (subtraction), or product (multiplication). Whichever player has the largest answer collects all the cards. This process continues until all cards are played. The winner with the most cards wins.
Virtual Math Manipulatives— OR there is a link on the classroom website.
Use our classroom websites off the Chisholm homepage to find math links to play.
Other games and resources are attached for you!

Date TBD
Family MCA Math Madness
6-7 p.m. @ the Vaughan
Fun, Games & Prizes