Fifth Grade Curriculum Goals

1. Review patterns containing dotted notes and syncopation through performing, reading, writing, and improvising.
2. Review 6/8 meter and practice inventory of patterns common to it.
3. Write, read, and perform short compositions in 6/8.
4.  Identify and perform triplet patterns using voice and instruments.
5. Use augmentation and diminution to change familiar patterns.

1. Review all pentatonic and hexatonic scales through performing, improvising, and composing.
2. Identify ti in song repertoire.
3. Add ti to scale using voice, solfege syllables, and hand signs.
4. Improvise and compose melodies using do major scale (Ionian mode).
5. Compare do major (Ionian) and la minor (Aeolian) scales through performing, improvising, and composing.
6.  Identify and perform half steps and whole steps using voice and instruments.
7.  Sing songs in 4-part canon and using vocal ostinato.
8.  Sings songs with countermelodies (partner songs).