Fourth Grade Curriculum Goals

1. Perform, read and write 4-16th note patterns as double divisions of the beat.
2. Perform, read, and write 8th and 16th note patterns, first using ties, then using standard notation.
3. Perform, read, and write rhythms with eighth-note rest.
4. Identify, perform, read, and write uneven and dotted rhythms.
5. Take rhythmic dictation of 2-4 measures, using syncopation, 16th notes, and dotted rhythms in 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4.
6. Perform, read, and write rhythms in 6/8 and 3/8 where eighth note is beat unit.
7. Identify anacrusis (upbeat) as preparation for the downbeat.

1. Review do-based pentachord (d r m f s) and hexatonic scales (d r m f s l d).
2. Identify new note (ti) in through vocal and instrumental song repertoire.
3. Perform melodic patterns including ti with solfege and hand signs.
4. Perform, read, and write melodies containing ti.
5. Improvise and compose melodies using all known scale degrees.
6.  Perform songs using la diatonic (Aeolian) scale.
7.  Sing songs in 3-4 part canon and with melodic ostinato.
8. Identify and perform half and whole steps using voice and melodic instruments.