The current PTA leaders are President Jen Hanson, Vice President Stephanie Tardy, Treasurer Kim Thomas and Secretary Kristen Copp.

PTA offers an opportunity to be involved in your child's education through volunteering at the school. We are eager to welcome new members.  Through PTA you are able to  be an active member within the community and provide positive, helpful service to the students of the Chisholm schools.

There are a number of you can get involved, attending PTA meetings and providing suggestions, collecting items such as boxtops, milk caps and soup labels, or helping out at community and/or school functions coordinated by the PTA.

There are ways one can help out, even if one isn’t able to attend the meetings. Some tasks such as trimming boxtops can be done at home. Contact any of the PTA officers and let them know if you are willing to help.

Those not able to make it to the meetings are always welcome to help out at PTA events or to offer suggestions.  Each year, the PTA sponsors a number of events at the schools, including the Fall Harvest party for elementary students, a sleigh ride, the Scholastic Book Fair fundraiser and Special Event Popcorn.

It also provides funding for items to enhance the school experience, including special presentations brought into the school, snacks and beverages on occasion and daily planners for students, just to name a few.

PTA donates more than $1,200 annually to various causes such as the school patrols, All Night Graduation Party, Mitten Project, Close-Up, third grade field trip and the Chisholm Park Committee.

The PTA also provides funding for a portable toilet for Bluestreak Park to be used during the summer months when the school restrooms aren’t accessible.

Annually, the PTA spends from $5,000 to $7,000, depending on what requests it receives.

Every couple of years a fundraiser is conducted to support PTA activities. It also conducts the Scholastic Book Fair on a bi-annual basis.

Book fair funds are used to purchase books for the libraries and classrooms at Chisholm Elementary and the Vaughan-Steffensrud.

Corporate sponsored programs also bring in funds for the PTA. They include collecting items such as Campbells soup labels and General Mills Boxtops for Education.  Community support for these programs has been strong, according to officers.

Last year, the PTA sent in more than 16,000 points from the soup labels, which may be redeemed to purchase items such as physical education equipment and art supplies.

Anyone with milk caps, boxtops or soup labels to donate is asked to bring them to the Vaughan-Steffensrud Elementary, Chisholm Elementary or Jubilee Foods.

The PTA also collects aluminum tabs and donates them to the Ronald McDonald Charity House in Rochester. They can be dropped off at the Vaughan-Steffensrud.

For more information or to volunteer, call or text Jen Hanson (218)780-4605, Stephanie Tardy (218)969-2448, Kim Thomas at (218) 750-3072 or Kristen Copp (218)254-5726 Ext. 1113.