Vocabulary and Spelling Lists

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Spelling Lists


Making Meaning
Week 1:  whiz, squirm, rap, snap, likely, unlikely
Week 2:  bustle, volunteer, debris, devastate, ruckus, lounge
Week 3:  serve, flick, speedy, utter, whoop, plop
Week 4:  flutter, clutch, dodge, heartbreaking, fury, bewildered
Week 5:  floppy, recall, clatter, disaster, celebration, retrieve
Week 6:  unfortunate, fortunate, immense, fierce/fiercest, magnificent, ungrateful
Week 7: doubtful, nifty, ghastly, dazzle, quiver, command
Week 8:  particularly, speechless, reunite, cross, savory, realize
Week 9:  reluctant, have eyes in the back of your head, cluttered, handy, whoosh, have a change of heart
Week 10: obstinate, immature, mature, fantasize, barricade, reconsider
Week 11:  belongings, faint, cling, roam, joyful, sorrowful
Week 12: shuffle, swarm, urgent, motion, prowl, blow your top
Week 13:  slog, commence, flabbergasted, permissible, impermissible, adventuresome
Week 14:  coax, snug, advise, delirious, fret, cherish
Week 15:  flimsy, long, gruff, persist, strain, adjust
Week 16:  lively, memorable, throw yourself into something, intense, exhilarated, astounding
Week 17:  unexpected, abandon, industrious, comfy, successful, unsuccessful
Week 18:  customary, energize, appetizing, plain, differ, refreshing
Week 19:  secure, durable, texture, hazardous, convenient, detect
Week 20:  graceful, determination, spectacular, original, achieve, challenge
Week 21:  require, serve, prefer, vertical, horizontal, tip
Week 22:  flashy, fantastic, diverse, avoid, deadly, threatened
Week 23:  adapt, depend, scan, disrupt, trample, forbid
Week 24:  struggle, skill, skillful, opportunity, generally, decline
Week 25:  ban, permit, valuable, task, unwind, stressful
Week 26:  collaborate, aggressive, evacuate, distress, unaggressive, considerate
Week 27:  diligent, frank, self-confident, headstrong, overwhelmed contentment
Week 28:  well-organized, disorganized, boast, silky, improvise, brainstorm
Week 29:  ease, clench, display, caretaker, aroma, slump

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