Go For the Green! Classroom Rules: Blue Streaks Pride Applies

Responsible and Respectful*
Eager to learn*
Achieve goals*
Standing Strong and Supportive

Give Me "5" for Blue Streaks Pride!
1. Listen while others speak. Keep hands down until they are finished.
2. Speak with Kind words. Raise your hand for your turn to talk.
3. Follow directions. Do your own work. Ask questions.
4. Use materials & equipment safely. Treat it as if it were priceless.
5. Keep voices, hands, and feet to self. Respect space.

“Go for the Green” Steps
All students start every morning on the green light.
1st Warning Forgiven—stay on green
2nd Warning STRIKE ONE Move to yellow. State the rule broken
3rd Warning STRIKE TWO Stay on yellow. Warning
4TH Warning STRIKE THREE Move to Red. (Stop and Think ticket) Appropriate Consequence To Be Determined.
5th Warning OUT Following Parent contact, Office Discipline Referral Reported. To be Addressed by Administration.

GOOD MANNERS AND HARD WORKERS RECEIVE REWARDS: Bluestreaks Pride tickets, free time, Fun Friday, ECT…..

Each Day the whole class stays on green or gets a compliment from another staff they will earn a letter on our chart. When we have spelled out Bluestreaks Pride we will have a fun activity. (Pajama day, Movie, Extra Recess, open to reasonable suggestions)

Students who stay on green during the week and complete all work will earn Fun Friday. Classroom work must be done & corrected to teacher’s approval.