Information sheet

Mrs. Jensen’s Classroom Information Sheet

AGENDA/PLANNER: PTA has purchased these for each of my students. They will be required to copy down all of our daily assignments and check off assignments as they finish them. I will try to write in absent missing work. Please sign nightly.

MILK AND SNACKS: You may pay daily, weekly, or monthly. We will have snack time in the afternoon. You may send snacks daily or I do have a cabinet to store snacks for the week or as needed. Please make them healthy choices. Milk is available for $.65

MYSTERY READERS: You will receive an invitation to read to our class. If you have a special book, something that pertains to the work you do a hobby or special interest, or just your student’s favorite story to share. Contact me and we will schedule a secret date for you to come in.

SHOW & TELL: We will start out with “Me in a Bag”-each student will put a few things that represent them in a sack and share it with the class. This is a chance for us to get to know each other. Once everyone has had a chance we’ll switch to the “Sneaker Sack” details later.

FIELD TRIPS: TBA. Funds that were previously received have been cut. We will be looking at various ways to fund raise for our trip if we need to.

BOOK ORDERS: Scholastic book orders will be due as stated on the letter that comes home with the catalogs.

BIRTHDAYS: Please do not send birthday invitations to school, UNLESS your are inviting the whole class. Call the office for a list. You may send a birthday surprise so we can celebrate in class. (Healthy choices of snacks, pencils, activity books, art supplies, Come and play a special game with the class, read a story, it doesn’t have to cost $ to be fun). We also celebrate “1/2 Birthdays” for students who have summer birthdays. This is a fun way to let your child have a special day in the classroom even though their birthday is when school is out! This is in no way meant to say that you must send something.

Variety of classroom needs: Art & Center Activities Thank you!
Shoe Boxes Domino pieces old change purses/wallets Oatmeal tube containers Old Clocks Buttons Food containers with lids Ice cream buckets with lids( round or square) Art supplies, yarn or, fabric that you no longer have a need for would greatly be appreciated.

SPECIAL ACTIVITIES: Lunch with the teacher, Headstart reading buddies, Computer Buddies, Dimensions, Community Ed classes ….watch for others. Some of these activities students need to qualify for by getting work done well consistently, completing homework and having exemplary behavior.

HOMEWORK HELP after school…. Your child should never have more than 30-45 minutes of homework a night. If they do and are struggling contact me right away. I am willing to help after school on occasion if your child is having trouble in a particular area. I would also love to spend some time showing you ways to help your child at home. Please feel free to ask!

Reading: 1st day of the week—you should see A Family Activity letter/booklet. This booklet contains spelling word list, skills to practice for the week, and an activity to do together. Students should practice spelling words nightly (write 2x’s or rainbow write 5 a night).
Work on the skills listed in the letter—example: find the setting in a variety of stories.
This work is due by Friday/end of the week. Please sign it to show you completed it together.

MATH: Math Family Activity Packets will come home with each new Math Unit. Some units take more than a week to complete, so be on the lookout. It will also be due by the end of the week that it was handed out. These are intended to work on with an adult at home—have fun sign and return.

OTHER THINGS TO WORK ON AT HOME: Math facts: +, -, X’s will start soon
Math life skills: Time, Money, Measurement-Liquid, Dry, Inches/Feet/Yards/Miles, Temperatures, fractions

ACCELERATED READERS: I will be testing your child to determine his/her best fit for books. We will decide on a goal for reading. Once that is determined you child will bring a book or two home nightly along with an AR journal. While reading they will fill out the information I have shown them and write a short book report. When they finish their book and report they will take a short computerized quiz to determine how well they read. Rewards will follow when your child has met their goal. This will be a part of their EFFORT Grade.

GO FOR THE GREEN: I have a Stop Light behavior management sheet for you to sign and return. This will explain how I manage the class—not that we will have any problems. I will review it with the class and would like for you to go over it at home too. Thanks ahead of time!

FUN FRIDAY: 3rd grade teachers will be on a rotation. 1 Resource Room to finish or make up homework and 2 fun activities. In order to participate in the fun free time activities students must
a.) Have all work handed in by Friday morning-done well/corrections made (NO sloppy work)
b.) Stay on the Green. Bluestreaks Pride throughout the School + Buses

BLUE STREAKS PRIDE: Your child will learn what this means in all areas of the school. When he/she demonstrates good behavior they may receive a cool ticket from any staff! Look for more info coming. In my class we have a banner. Each time everyone stays on the green we all earn a letter. Every time another staff compliments my class—we earn a letter. If there is a substitute and she/he leaves a good report—we earn a letter. When the banner is completed—we’ll have a party! Might be a movie + treat, pajama party, special game outside, Backwards day, eat lunch in the classroom……We WILL SPELL OUT-- PROUD BLUESTREAKS!