How does the Resource Room work?

The Resource Room
Once a child qualifies for special education services, it may be expected for he or she to attend the Resource Room for additional instruction. In the Resource Room, students will be given the individualized instruction they require according to their IEP. (individualized education plan) This could include Reading, Language, Spelling, or Math. Our Resource Room has a ratio of about 1 adult for every 4 students.

Every student who comes to the Resource Room for an academic subject will be sent home with a daily folder. Parents are expected to check this daily folder, initial it, and to communicate any concerns they may have.

Homework is sent home in the folder only when the child is falling behind with his or her work.

We try to make the Resource Room a more successful environment for the struggling student. Special Education students are expected to follow the school rules and to behave with BLUESTREAK PRIDE!