Hello from Mrs. Nelson's Class!

Congratulations on being the parent of a 3rd grader!

I want to stress the importance of being an active partner in your child’s educational journey. Your child’s educational team has three important players: STUDENT, TEACHER, and PARENT. In order to have the maximum amount of success for your child in 3rd grade, we all need to do our part. Quite often parents don’t realize how vital it is to be involved in their child’s education.  Also, they often wonder what they can do to truly make a difference. There are three types of parental support at home that have most consistently been linked with increased school performance, and they’re pretty simple!
• Actively organize and monitor your child’s time
• Help your child with homework
• Discuss school matters with your child
Doing these three things at home can set your child up for success in my class, as well as future classes. Remember, we are a team and we all have one common goal: your child’s success in the third grade!

I love 3rd grade!

Contact: Mrs. Cindi Nelson