Welcome Back

Vaughan Steffensrud School Staff: WELCOME! I am your principal Mr. Hancock. Back again for an exciting new year.

Dr. Janey Blanchard is our new superintendent. Mr. Morrison is k-12 Assistant principal/Athletic director.

Officer Purdey from the Chisholm police department is our school resource officer. Ms. Erickson is our school nurse. Here from 8:30-2:30 daily. Physical Education: Mrs. Zubich. and Matt Anderson. Music: Ms. Lubovich. . Kindergarten: Ms. Rice, Mrs. Stish, and Mrs. Petron. First Grade: Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Nehiba, and Mrs. Pessenda. Second Grade: Mrs. Olson, Mrs. Rossini, and Mrs. Swinda. Third Grade: Mrs. Jensen, Mrs. Copp, and Mrs. Nelson, covering for Mrs. Nelson is Mrs. Pouge. Special .ED: Mrs. Olson and Mrs. Ludwig. Community Ed: Mrs. Pavolvich. Title One: Mrs. Polich and Mrs. Anderson. Mrs.Kne: in our front office

School Hours: 8:17 am – 2:50 pm. Bus pick up times have been mailed out to parents.

Out of School Program: The VS will be hosting a PM Out of School Program run by the YMCA. You need to enroll your child through the YMCA All questions and concerns on time, cost etc. can be answered by contacting Ms. Casey at 218-749-8020.

Student Handbook. Please keep your handbook in an accessible place. It is a great reference to use during the school year.

School Closing: In the event of a school closing, the superintendent will send out an Instant Alert and notify both radio and TV stations by 6:00 AM.

Immunizations: for all students must be up-to-date in order for your child to attend school. Please complete this as soon as possible to avoid any delays.

  1. & Phone Number Changes for students: Please let the office know if you have had an address change or a phone number change during the summer. Students are scheduled to go home with last years address. If the office/teacher is not aware of the address change, students could be going home on the wrong bus. Please turn in a day-care form if needed. We keep nothing from last year for day-care. A new one must be filled out. Please update the office, especially any legal papers that need to be followed. For report cards sent home, if a duplicate copy needs to be mailed to another parent, please make sure your classroom teacher and Mrs. Kne, have that as well. We want both parents informed.
  1. Alert: The Chisholm District #695 will be using a web based communication system called “ Alert”. Parents will be contacted by phone or option of e-mail, pagers, work numbers, in case of an emergency dismissal, cancellation of school, special announcements, etc. Information flyer will be sent home. It is the parent’s responsibility to keep this updated with current phone numbers.
  2. Hot Lunch Program: Our Cafeteria people are Mrs. Hobbs as our manager, Mrs. Rossi, and Ms. Vajdl. The program is easy and user friendly. Hot lunch is $2.45 for lunch and $1.90 for breakfast. Milk is $.65 Students may purchase a breakfast in the lunchroom from 7:40 am - 8:10 am or you can pay on-line with the new pay system. Please return your hot lunch applications. One application per family only. Our Title I funds are generated from this form. So please fill out and return.

Legal Alerts: If for any reason you do not want your child released except to your care, due to special circumstances, please contact the Principal at the beginning of the school year or when such circumstances arise. A legal document “Court Order” is necessary. We must follow the current court orders.

Students leaving the building for early dismissal: When picking up your child during school hours, parents are to come to the office. The office will call your child from his/her classroom for early dismissal or for pick up at the end of the school day. Please pick up your child through the office.

Bus Safety: It is a privilege to be able to ride a bus to school. It is your responsibility as students and parents to follow the transportation safety policy in the student manual. There are cameras on the buses to assist in issues that may arise.

Mr. Nyhus, our transportation supervisor, does training with all students a couple times a year. Again, if your address has change from last year, make sure we have your new address.

  1. drop off of students: Please use the designated horseshoe drop off located on the east side of the playground off of 1st Ave. The half circle that goes by the front entrance will be blocked off. We have students walking and running to and fro and not watching. Please use the designated drop off spot. Students please look for cars.

Early outs: Students will be dismissed 1 hour early every Wednesday for teacher staff development. So for us here at the VS, buses will leave at 12:50. Please look at your monthly calendars for updates.

Dress Appropriate for Weather: Students will go outside for morning and noon recess. Please dress appropriate for the weather conditions. Flip flops are not allowed in school. If you would like to donate gently used sweat pants and sweat shirts for our students that would be greatly appreciated. Please remind your children to bring home their winter apparel.


PBIS: Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies- Bluestreak Pride. It is strongly encouraged in all grades to be STREAKS: SAFE, TRUSTWORTHY, RESPONSIBLE AND RESPECTFUL, EAGER TO LEARN, ACHIEVE GOALS, KIND, STAND STRONG AND SUPPORTIVE.


School Board Policies: Please review with your child/ren:

*Internet Acceptable Use & Safety Policy

*Bullying Policy

*Wellness Policy